Thursday, 31 December 2009


In 2008 we had a new kitchen fitted. From the hundreds on the market, I couldn't find any door knobs that I liked for the new cupboards and drawers so I decided to make my own. If you are having the same experience I have developed a few glaze finishes which may suit your colour scheme. E-mail me for details and samples.


My domestic and table ware reflects an interest in medieval design.


Since 1989 I have worked in numerous schools, helping the pupils and staff create large and small multi-piece ceramic murals for inside and out. In 2007 I made 200 tiles, many with the help of the local community, to celebrate the bicentenary of Avon New Cut in Bristol. These tiles hung on one of the foot bridges for a week and are now displayed outside the Create Centre in Brisrtol.


I make larger than life size animals as play sculptures.
They are made as one piece, hollow with thick walls of course clay. If necessary I cut them into large sections while still wet. After firing and glazing they are installed by filling the cavity with rubble and concrete, in effect the sculpute forms a skin cladding.


I was inspired by a childhood sighting of the life sized animals climbing on the wall of Cardiff Castle, and later by the gargoyles and grotesques on religious buildings. I like to animate buildings and structures with these creatures. Mine are benign and cheerful, mostly peeking around corners or being helpful by holding up a shelf.